Hi Rocky Mountain Multisport Triathletes, welcome to your 2022 team store! Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with BASE Designs for your 2022 Team Gear. 2021 was an extremely challenging year. We had to pivot on many occasions in order to get kits to our customers. So for 2022 we are allowing our customers and teams to split their orders. This year we are producing your race kits (aero one pieces, tri tops, and tri shorts), here in our US factory. The rest of your items will be produced in our Asia factory. By splitting this up we will be able to produce your pieces in a much more timely manner.

Please note that there will be separate expected delivery dates for pieces made in our US factory and pieces made in our Asia factory. You can expect pieces made in the US to arrive before pieces made in Asia.

Some notes about kit coloring: The colors from a Made in the USA piece will be slightly different than the colors from a Made in Asia piece. For example, if an athlete orders a cycle top from Asia, but tri shorts from the USA, the art will be the same, but the shades of colors will not be exact. It is impossible to match these between 2 different factories. Additionally, each piece of material holds colors slightly different. For example, the blue of a tri top may be a different shade than the blue of a cycle top. 


Please note that all pieces are for pre-order. They are not in stock. They will arrive in late March 2022.

Please review all product descriptions, sizing recommendations, and size charts before placing your order.

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